Cari™ Wellbeing Tool

The Commitment & Resilience Index (CARI™) is a completely unique app for measuring wellbeing. It uses a psychological model that enables you to ascertain both what your client thinks and feels – as these two are often in conflict with each other when there is stress – and therefore this is often an indicator of poor levels of wellbeing. This is typically used in large organisations for employees to realise their own wellbeing levels, and for the organisation to reach the heart of company-wide issues.

How does CARI™ work?

CARI ™ gives you, as coach, the ability to evaluate and measure your client’s wellbeing before, during and after the coaching sessions. Unlike any other coaching tool, this measurement process works with both the cognitive and the emotional responses. This means that you can identify the real causes of stress and get to the bottom of the patterns and problems that may be causing your client difficulties and fast.

How can CARI™ help my clients?

CARI ™ provides two profiles – the thinking and the feeling profile. It is where these two are incongruent or in conflict with each other that you can reveal the underlying causes of your client’s problems and help them to focus on the areas where they can achieve the best results.

When can I start using CARI™ with my clients?

We want to make sure you are properly able to understand our tool, and how best to use it. To do this, you’ll need to complete a few steps below:

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