Is there an unnatural way to coach?

Is there a natural and an unnatural way to coach people to change?

Short answer: “yes”.

So why is this? Well, it all stems for the popular notions of psychology and neuroscience that have filled the space with assumptions and noise that have led to myths that are accepted as reality.

As an occupational psychologist and biologist, I’ve worked in the field of neuroscience in organisations for a good many years (stopped counting after 20!!) and so whilst I completely appreciate and understand the desire to simplify this extremely complex field, it is nonetheless vital to ensure we are still being faithful to the science.

Pop science has a lot to answer for – myths that have become accepted truths to such an extent that entire psychometric assessments have been based upon them.

Do we have a right or left brain dominance? No, that’s a myth!

Roger Sperry’s 1981 Nobel prize winning research demonstrated that brains have separate left and right halves but did not ascribe the ‘logic/ emotional’ values to these halves. Nor did it identify right and left brain dominance yet pop science and popular culture came to assimilate this belief through either misunderstanding or misrepresentation.

Which brings me to a myth that has become lapped up as truth: that the three parts of the brain have specific roles, thinking, emotions and survival. This is a simplification, but more dangerous is the idea that we need one of these more than the others, that we need to “manage” our emotions in order to be better in work and at home, and that this is the solution to anxiety.

Sorry, everyone – this belief and the attempt to manage emotions is the CAUSE and not the solution to anxiety, over reactions, weeping and anger at work.

Our brains are not three separate creatures, each with its own personality and clearly defined role. That is like thinking that the lungs work separately from the heart, and the legs have nothing whatsoever to do with the bloodstream!!

This flawed view is the basis to most of the concepts that are presented as neuroscience in the workplace!

Myth: Our brains are not separated into left and right dominance

Natural and Holistic Coaching

In NeuChem Coaching, neuroscience is not an “add-on” – Neuchem has been built from the neuroscience up.  It works as it responds to the natural and holistic flow of the brain’s processing, enabling people to get into the driving seats of their brains.

This is the reason that NeuChem is the only coaching process to use the Neuro-story™ . The Neuro-story ™ is the neuroscience based story telling technique that supports neural transformation – in other words, it is a fast and fun coaching method that makes massive and empowering change easy for everyone.

Our coaches have to first understand the landscape of the brain, the way in which the brain works, and the many complex interrelationships between the different parts of the brain, including how these are stimulated and the results; understanding the role of neurotransmitter substances, how memory is formed and how this can be re-formatted to support greater success; how emotions can provide the answers we seek to logical questions, and the effects of DNA editing among many other factors. – No small task!

Then they are able traverse this territory, which will initially feel like an alien land to their clients, but with their coach as their guide, you soon begin to feel comfortable and at home here, your brain becomes your friend, and this is where you discover that, with a coach to sit beside you, you can take over the controls, and soon, be driving your own brain – just like you were born to do!

It is not easy to learn NeuChem, but the point is, that by learning how to do this, we also learn how to make it easy for our clients to find the solution that will fit their needs and to make that huge step forward in life.

NeuChem approach is a movement – we want to share this with the world and help everyone, and yes, we mean everyone, to find the natural and holistic way to get in control of their brains and discover that life can become both joyful and triumphant!

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