Simon Drury

Simon Drury


It was really interesting finding out how that deeper understanding of how the brain works for us in life, could then make my capability as a coach even more powerful. To anyone coming on the course, I'd say be prepared to learn a mix of science and art. It's stimulating!

Donna Wray

NeuChem® will help my clients to engage with their emotions, and to better understand the capabilities they have within them.

Jonathan Hazan

CEO, Datix

A very powerful technique. Succinct and easy to use.

David Mason

Next Curve Learning

It’s really interesting – the idea of helping people to work out their own solutions, not trying to create solutions for them

Nazool Tabassum

Psychology PhD

What I found most interesting about this course is the powerful and very quick results - not only for the clients but also for the coach.

Margo Lloyd-Barnes

Vocational Case Manager

The positivity, the percentage of successful outcomes and the overall idea of how it works is giving me a lot of hope for people that are perhaps unreachable by many other things.