How does NeuChem Neuroscience and Coaching benefit clients?

A unique form of coaching, based fundamentally on neuroscience. It consists of 6 sessions and follows the ICEAGE™ model. NeuChem’s process takes people out of stress, anxiety, confusion, failure and self-sabotage, and into success, happiness, wellbeing and emotional stability, by facilitating small changes that unlock their capability.

It has been developed to solve the problem of painful and difficult change. By knowing how to activate the right brain system at the right time, a coach can help their client to make small tweaks that can create significant changes.

How does Neuroscience fit in with NeuChem® Coaching?

It works because it’s based on the natural brain processes, and because it’s a holistic, whole brain and whole body experience. Our feelings are held in our entire bodies, not only in our brains, and so with NeuChem® results are achieved by working with the body, holistically. In this stressed world, we are often being pushed into Fight or Flight. If this happens too much or for too long our brains can go into Freeze mode. NeuChem® uses easy and fast methods to defrost the brain, through the ICEAGE™ process. We describe this as breaking the ICE in order to come of AGE.

What is it like to experience NeuChem® Coaching?

Imagine starring in the movie of your own life – and having a satisfactory ending to that movie, as you embark on the sequel and begin living the new life…

A client may come to their first NeuChem® session feeling as though they are at a cross roads in life. They know they can continue doing the same things and getting similar results, but they are ready for things to be different.

As a result they may be feeling anxious or stressed, and confused about why things are not working well, or even why they can’t make changes that would make them feel better.
During the NeuChem® session they will discover their true story, and understand how this inner story is retelling itself and embedding in their brain, causing the same patterns to emerge. By the end of the session, they will have a new and authentic story and will have begun the transformation process – a process that can involve DNA changes.

They will have tools to change things quickly, and will be able to reduce stress and anxiety, and on the next session will begin to discover their hidden, background story. Now, knowing both their theme and back story, they can begin to become empowered.

Over the next four sessions, they will learn how to use their body and brain to drive change from within, to without.

At the sixth session, they feel so good about their future: in control, confident and happy. But what about those things that may go wrong? Well, they can predict most of them. And anyhow, they’re cool about them – because they know they will get surprises in life – they know that their brain is primed, and prepared. They are adapted, as a human, to cope with all that life has to offer – they know that now, they can cope with anything.

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