Interview with CARI(TM) Coach Tom Morrell

How did you become interested in coaching?

My career background is in the police in London and I’ve managed a number of teams and being in charge of them means trying to get the best performance from them and that involves coaching. When I left the police, I then started getting in more self-awareness coaching, that’s where I started getting involved
I’m a consultant, trainer and coach at the moment I run my own business and I work with various clients and different organisations.

Why did you choose to train with the school of NeuChem coaching?

I’ve previously been interested in neuroscience and I got an email from Maria and it pushed the right buttons for me. I’ve been looking to do a coaching course in neuroscience, one that has credibility and as soon as I saw the email I thought this looks like the one for me. I came on the Introduction day with Maria and I contacted the ILM and Ofsted to make sure the course was credible, as this was really important for me. So, it’s a very unique approach to coaching, it’s not like any other coaching I’ve been involved in and my experience is that its particularly powerful

What stood out for you about the course?

What’s really been important for me is that it’s based on science and it’s based on research. It’s got a robustness about it when you’re putting it across, which the CARI NeuChem approach has. This is about the wellbeing of individuals in the workplace and its helping business and people on an individual level. As a coach I can help them understand their CARI profile and work through it. We can then enable the individual to deal with any emotional threats that they experience at work, overcome them, and then feel more comfortable at work. Then for the business it means everybody is engaging much more effectively within the workplace.

What would you say to someone thinking about coming on this award course?

I think ideally have some experience behind you, maybe either working in a corporate organisation or the public sector, even coaching experience. There is some work to do, it’s not just a tick box. It’s not just working it’s about learning, about doing assignments about really learning about the brain and about the body chemistry. Using this knowledge, it is then about the interjections we can make as coaches which change their body chemistry to help people deal with their situation.
Maria Paviour’s company is evolving, she’s been working on this for years and she’s got a great product. My experience with the school has been fantastic, it has really moved me on, this is definitely new, its definitely at the forefront of coaching and neuroscience.

One word to describe your experience?


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