Neuroscience of motion, memory and coaching

Moving to remember

How motion improves memory  It’s well documented that exercise is good for our brain as well as our body. Regular physical activity sees benefits to our motor skills, along with our executive function – and memory. Not only that, but specific movements can be used to have different desired effects. We incorporate movement as a key component to… Read More

Interview with CARI(TM) Coach Tom Morrell

How did you become interested in coaching? My career background is in the police in London and I’ve managed a number of teams and being in charge of them means trying to get the best performance from them and that involves coaching. When I left the police, I then started getting in more self-awareness coaching,… Read More

Neuroscience for HR Directors – the missing piece?

Neuroscience based techniques for HR to boost wellbeing Problems in staff attrition? Sickness absence? Accidents or errors of judgement at work? Challenges in performance? Equipping yourself with neuroscience based techniques could be the solution. Pressure to boost performance and achieve targets from leadership creates a battle between well-being and performance. Employee well-being should be the… Read More

Is there an unnatural way to coach?

Is there a natural and an unnatural way to coach people to change? Short answer: “yes”. So why is this? Well, it all stems for the popular notions of psychology and neuroscience that have filled the space with assumptions and noise that have led to myths that are accepted as reality. As an occupational psychologist… Read More

Neuroscience for professional coaching

What is it like using neuroscience for professional coaching? To answer that, we first need to go on a tour of a brief history of coaching! What is Coaching all about? My friend, Dr Alan Beggs was one of the first psychologist coaches. Originally an academic, he was asked to ‘coach’ Team GB for the… Read More

Happy Neuro-Year!

Happy Neuro-Year!

Around the start of the year there’s always some interesting articles in the news surrounding physical health, mental health, diet and wellbeing – because everyone wants this year to be their year. The year they get fitter, they eat healthier, and are HAPPIER. According to a YouGov study, one in five Brits have sworn themselves… Read More

neu chem coaching

How does NeuChem Neuroscience and Coaching benefit clients?

A unique form of coaching, based fundamentally on neuroscience. It consists of 6 sessions and follows the ICEAGE™ model. NeuChem’s process takes people out of stress, anxiety, confusion, failure and self-sabotage, and into success, happiness, wellbeing and emotional stability, by facilitating small changes that unlock their capability. It has been developed to solve the problem… Read More

neu chem brain

How can neuroscience improve coaching?

Neuroscience is a popular term used to describe what we understand about our brains. Neuroscience or brain science is being spoken about frequently, but many people don’t fully know what it means and how it may apply to coaching. Standard coaching can only work when the individual already has the right frame of mind and… Read More