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about neu chem coaching

We are a unique and innovative coaching school. Our foundations are firmly rooted with real academic neuroscience and psychology. We are proud to be different, using our own tried and tested NeuChem® coaching model to make life changing brain skills accessible to all.

We believe in the science, and enjoy practicing the art of coaching. This natural and holistic model is suited to people who are really looking to make an enormous difference to others as effectively as possible.

Maria Paviour, our principal psychologist, has spent over 18 years focussing on the importance of engaging employees, and gaining employee commitment. In 2000, she won two UK government awards for innovation in leadership development and coaching, and a European award for developing technology for measuring and managing stress at work.

As you can see – we like to have a bit of fun here at the School of NeuChem Coaching! Our team are bubbly, enthusiastic hard workers who strive to ensure you have the best possible learning experience. Please feel free to drop any of them an email if you are interested to find out more.

Our lovely team expands far beyond our Brighton office. The NeuChem® Coaching community reaches far and wide around the country. You can read all about them on our coaching community page.

Coaching Community