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Evidence based coaching

At the School of NeuChem® Coaching, we train you to become a well-being coach. Capable of harnessing relevant neuroscience and psychology research. Our evidence-based coaching model gives you, the coach, an upgrade to your previous skills. Together we can teach others to understand how to move from stress, anxiety, confusion, and suffering mental health, to happiness, well-being, and emotional stability.

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You may have worked in HR, in the mental health field, as a teacher, an existing coach or have studied neuroscience. We want to furnish your skills, working together to spread happiness and promote mental wellbeing in an effective and sustainable way.

Neuroscience based coaching qualifications that are:

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Become a free member and join our community of coaches studying for a graduate level coaching qualification from ILM, rooted in neuroscience and psychology.


How are we different?

Unlike other coaching schools, we are not asking you to unlearn what you know to re-learn our way. We understand that this approach can be damaging and confusing to the brain. Rather we enhance your experience with a unique science-based coaching skill.

Here at the School, we will train you to fast-track coaching clients to easy and lasting change. We take a fun, empowering approach to our training. We combine distance learning through our virtual learning environment, with classroom sessions at the University of Sussex Innovation Centre, Brighton, to practice.

In the classroom you’ll meet your cohort of students. You will learn, laugh, practice and evolve together to really understand how to support the mental wellbeing of others.

NeuChem Students

Stuart Paviour
Maria Paviour
Simon Drury
Donna Wray
Jonathan Hazan
David Mason
Tom Morrell
Nazzool Tabassum
Margo Lloyd-Barnes
Shona McFarlane

maria paviour - neu chem coaching

Maria Paviour

School Principal

The School of NeuChem Coaching founder, Maria Paviour, is a registered occupational psychologist, with qualifications in psychology, biology and education.


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Simon Drury


It was really interesting finding out how that deeper understanding of how the brain works for us in life, could then make my capability as a coach even more powerful. To anyone coming on the course, I'd say be prepared to learn a mix of science and art. It's stimulating!

Donna Wray

NeuChem® will help my clients to engage with their emotions, and to better understand the capabilities they have within them.